We help great sellers maintain their feedback!
We help great sellers maintain their feedback!
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What happens if my feedback is not removable?
- After seven days, if your feedback cannot be removed, you will receive a full refund. For more details, check out our refund policy
 Can I request to remove multiple feedbacks?
- Yes, simply fill out the Feedback Fix for one feedback, click add to cart, then repeat for each feedback until you are ready to check out.
How much does it cost?
- Each feedback costs $29.95 to remove. 
Can I have a neutral feedback removed?
- Yes, we help remove both negative and neutral feedback.
What does adding my Feedback Fixer Expert as a user do to my eBay account?
- This simply gives your Expert permission to contact eBay regarding your account. Without this step, your Expert would be able to build a case as to why your feedback should be removed, but they would not be able to present their case to eBay. 
Can old feedback be removed?
- Feedback is only eligible for removal within 90 days of being left.  

 What is the difference between "priority" and "normal" speed?

If you select priority, your order will automatically be pushed to the top of our queue and be dealt with as soon as possible.  


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